Edinburgh Festival Carnival Parade

On 17th July, children, parents and teachers from our school participated in Edinburgh Festival Carnival Parade.  On 30th July, they went to a party at Chinese Consulate General Edinburgh hosted by Consul General Pan Xinchun.
我校学生,家长和老师参加了七月十七日举行的爱丁堡艺术节嘉年华游行活动。 七月三十日他们去中国驻爱丁堡总领事馆参加了由潘新春总领事举办的庆功会。
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City Chambers Chinese New Year 2016

City Chambers Event PhotosEdinburgh Chinese school students New Year 2016

City Chambers had a Chinese New Year celebrations where Edinburgh Chinese School took part to celebrate year of the Monkey at the City Chambers.

We had 2 of our students participate in performing their martial arts in front of the City Mayor, China Embassy leaders, societies group leaders and other esteemed guest.

Our directors Sue Song, Geqian Cui and James Chow attended the ceremony to help usher in the year of the Monkey.

James Chow board of director