School Closed on Saturday 3 March 2018

Dear parents and students, 
Due to adverse weather conditions, the decision has been made to close the Edinburgh Chinese School this Saturday 3 March 2018.
We apologise for the disruption to study this may cause. We do however have to put the safety of pupils, parents and our staff, first at all times.
Should you have any questions, please do reply to this email or contact the school at 07528 517635.
Keep safe and warm in the snow.
Dr. Phoebe (Jingyi) Li
Head teacher

Police Scotland circulates security advice

Periodically Police Scotland circulates security advice to different community groups during significant dates throughout the year for varying communities. During this year we have sent out security advice to the Muslim community around the Hajj period, the Jewish community around High Holy Days and the wider community around the festive holiday period. As such we are aware that February sees the Chinese community celebrate Chinese New Year and therefore would like you to share the following advice at a time when members of the community may be away from their homes or businesses for unusually extended periods of time.

Small Shop Security Advice

Please contact me if you any further questions.

Kind regards,

Debbie Graham | PC E5834 | PIP – E Division | Police Scotland | West End Police Station | 3-5 Torphichen Place, Edinburgh EH3 6DY | Tel: 0131 221 2030

Email: [email protected] 
Dept email: [email protected] 
Twitter: @policescotland 

LGBT allies: Police Scotland | No Bystanders

Your Wellbeing Matters

Unless otherwise stated the contents of this e-mail should be treated as RESTRICTED

NOTICE TO Parents/Guardians/Students 致家長/監護人/同學通告

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

1. Reminder:  those still have not enrolled for the 2016/17 to register today; otherwise an additional administration fee of £5 for each applicant will be imposed. After 18th June, enrolment can only be done by post to our P O Box address as above until 10th September. Please download the enrolment form.

2. The Summer Break starts from 25th June to 10th September.

Start date and time of academic year 2016/17:  17th September at 10:45 am, all students line up at the concourse

Please log on to our school website for any updates. Any enquiries, email to [email protected]  or contact Mrs Sue Song on 07528517635 and we will try our utmost to respond to you.

3. Congratulations to those students on their great achievement of the 14th UKAPCE Reading competition and the 16th Global Chinese Youth Writing Contest. We are very proud of them.

4. We will organise some interest classes in new school year. Details will be published on school notice in due course.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support, contribution and cooperation!

Wish you a wonderful Summer Holiday and look forward to seeing you next term!




如假期期間有任何查詢請電郵至 [email protected] 或致電07528517635 (Sue Song),我們會盡快回覆學校最新消息請瀏覽 。

3.  祝賀多位同學於六月十一日在由英國中文教育促進會舉辦的第十四屆朗讀比賽中獲得多個獎項為校增光

4.  本校將在新學年籌辦不同的興趣班屆時敬請留意學校公佈





School Notice April 2016

Dear parents/guardians and students,

Below are the school upcoming events in Term 3.
1. Extra-curriculum Activities
We are pleased to let you know that there will be a free extra-curriculum activity / gathering after school. Our volunteers will organise some workshops and light refreshment on the day. Parents, students and siblings are welcome. Places are limited and registration is required according to health and safety legislation. If you and your child/ children are interested, please register with the class teacher ASAP.
Date: 7th May Time: 1-4pm
Venue: McDonald Road Library, Nelson Hall

2. Internal School Examination
School examination will take place on 21st May. Students should be well prepared and assistance from parent is vital. Class teacher will let you know in advance if there is any amendment.

3. School Enrolment for year 2016-17 / Internal School Poetry Reading Competition
Enrolment for 2016/17 will commence on 4th June. Please register at the staff room. School Reading Competition will take place on the same day. We aim to let our students learn more outside their textbooks. Your involvement is very important.

4. UKAPCE Mandarin Reading and Talent Competition in Scotland Region
UKAPCE Scotland will hold the competition on 11th June and details will be published near the time.

5. Achievement Award Ceremony
Our achievement award ceremony will be held on 18th June.

6. 2015/16 School Fundraising
The school was successfully raised £900 — £200 from Chinese New Year Celebration ; £700 from UKAPCE, Hing Sing, Pat’s Chung Ying and Matthew’s Food Chinese Supermarkets. Heartfelt thanks to all generous donors, sponsors, volunteers, parents and teachers for your huge support and contribution.

Edinburgh Chinese School

学校通告 April 2016


本校将主办一个免费的课外活动/ 聚会,当天志愿者会安排一些工作坊和小食。欢迎家长、同学及其兄弟姐妹参与。根据健康及安全条例,参加者必须登记。

2. 校内考试
各班考试将于 5 月 21 日举行,敬请家长多帮助 贵子女,让同学有更充足准备。如有 些班级有改动,老师必预早知会。

3. 2016-17 年度招生 / 校内朗读比赛 (广东话 及普通话)
新学年招生将于 6 月 4 日开始,请到教员室报名。

4. UKAPCE 苏格兰朗读比赛 (普通话)
英国中文教育促进会于 6月11 日举办苏格兰区普通话朗读及才艺比赛,届时公布详情。

5. 学校颁奖礼
于6 月 18 日 举行。

6. 2015/16 年度筹募
本校今年成功筹得款项共 £900



Drummond High School Opens

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are happy to announce that our school is open.

Heres the room changes/allocations – if you are not mentioned then you are to go to your usual room.

1. Ran An’s class (MF2/ME2) move in with the MF1 in their usual room – should be 3/34 (social subjects 3)

2. Hua Ji can your class move into MF2’s class room – should be 3/35 (social subjects 2)

3. Dawn (Conversation class) and Xun Lu (M5) can you both move with David’s class – should be 5/14 (Maths room 2)

4. Pei (Mandarin adult) can you move into Dawn’s old class room – should be 5/19 (GP 2 room)

5. Amy can you move your class (CF1) in with Maggie in 3/36 (social subjects 1)

If you had not received an email regarding this and you want to be on our mailing list for further notices, please email us at with the following details.

Parents name:
Contact number:
Name of student:
Class attending:

We our trying our best to get more class rooms during this period.

Best wishes,
Board of Directors of Edinburgh Chinese School.