Seeing the World through the Five Elements of Nature 透过自然中五种元素认识世界

Organised collaboratively by the University of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Chinese School, the Happy STEAM 2023 Summer Camp offers a sustainability-themed programme:           

Innovations that made us: Seeing the World through the Five Elements of Nature

This 5-day programme runs between 10th July and 14th July, and is designed for children between age 6 and 12. 

Children will learn Mandarin and explore human and nature relationship through indoor and outdoor activities. Each day will be themed around a different topic in Nature and human innovation. They will visit museums and galleries in Edinburgh (e.g. National Museum of Scotland, Modern Art Gallery, Writer’s Museum). They will get hands-on and crafty, as they learn about history, architecture and transportation. 

Details: Activities runs between 10am with drop off starts from 9am. Pick up is between 4.30pm-5.30pm. £55 per child, for five days. Each child should bring their own lunch and snacks.

Classroom activities will take place at the Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh (EH8 8AQ). 
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Please email  [email protected] for any questions. 

爱丁堡大学与爱丁堡中文学校合作开发,Happy STEAM 2023 夏令营专为6-12岁儿童设计了关于‘环境与可持续发展’的主题活动 – 人类发明:透过自然中五种元素认识世界


费用:每人£55 (不含餐食,午餐及零食请自带)



如有任何疑问,请发邮件至[email protected] 

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Periodically Police Scotland circulates security advice to different community groups during significant dates throughout the year for varying communities. During this year we have sent out security advice to the Muslim community around the Hajj period, the Jewish community around High Holy Days and the wider community around the festive holiday period. As such we are aware that February sees the Chinese community celebrate Chinese New Year and therefore would like you to share the following advice at a time when members of the community may be away from their homes or businesses for unusually extended periods of time.

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Edinburgh Festival Carnival Parade

On 17th July, children, parents and teachers from our school participated in Edinburgh Festival Carnival Parade.  On 30th July, they went to a party at Chinese Consulate General Edinburgh hosted by Consul General Pan Xinchun.
我校学生,家长和老师参加了七月十七日举行的爱丁堡艺术节嘉年华游行活动。 七月三十日他们去中国驻爱丁堡总领事馆参加了由潘新春总领事举办的庆功会。
festival-9 festival-8festival-7 festival-6 festival-5festival-4 festival-3 festival-2 festival-1

Chinese Singing and Dancing Summer Camp

Dear parents and adult students,

There is a two-day Chinese Singing and Dancing Summer Camp in Edinburgh. It is organised by China’s State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. There are professional singing and dancing teachers from China providing lessons to students.  It is a rare opportunity to learn Chinese music and culture.

Date – 01-02 August 2016

Time- 10am – 3:30pm

Location – The Scottish Confucius Institute for Business and Communication (SCIBC), Postgraduate Centre Gait 2, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh EH14 4AS

Open to anyone over 5 years old, for young children, parents are required to accompany them.

Registration fee – £5

If you and/or your children are interested in this camp, please reply to my personal email ([email protected]) asap with your contact details.



海外中华之星爱丁堡培训营将在8月1日到2日在Heriot-Watt University的孔子学院举行。详情请见附件。如果你和你的孩子有兴趣参加,请和我联系 –[email protected].


Kind regards

Geqian Cui – 崔舸前

Edinburgh Chinese School

Chinese Singing and Dancing Summer Camp