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1. How to enrol in the class?

Please download the enrolment form from our website. Complete and return it to us by email or by post. Pay the correct tuition fee by bank transfer or cheque. State clearly the student’s full name when paying.

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2. How to pay the tuition fee?

The most convenient way is to pay by bank transfer. We also accept cheque, made payable to “Edinburgh Chinese School” and send it along with the completed enrolment form to “Edinburgh Chinese School, PO Box 28607, Edinburgh, EH4 9BR” or hand to the school reception during school hours. No cash payment please. 

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3. How much is the tuition fee?

The annum tuition fees apply to children language classes only. 

Adult language class’s fees are charged each term, 3 terms in a year

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After school club/ Interest classes are optional to join and the fees are extra.

4. What classes can I choose?

You can choose from Cantonese or Mandarin language classes. We also provide interest classes after school. 

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5. Do you have Examination Class?

We provide SQA N5/ Higher/ Advanced Higher Examination classes for Cantonese/Mandarin. We will put the eligible candidates’ entries to the examination centre. Enrolment in this class will not be accepted after October. 

Examination Preparation Classes are suitable for the students who would like to prepare sitting the SQA examination in future. 

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6. Where is your school? 

Our school is located at LEITH ACADEMY, 20 Academy Park, Edinburgh, EH6 8JQ.

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7. Can a 4-year-old child enrol in the class?

We accept children from aged 5 or from primary one.

8. Do you have adult classes?

There are options of Mandarin class and Cantonese classes. Both courses are focused on conversation and Chinese/Cantonese culture. 

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9. What activities do you have?

During the academic year, we organise two activities in school such as Lunar New Year’s celebration and end of term ceremony.

Besides, it is our honour to work with Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh and other organisations for organising activities for children and families in the community (see our photo gallery).

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10. What interest classes do you have?

Please tell us about your or your child’s interest. For example, Chinese calligraphy / Dance / Instruments / Martial Art / or other? Your suggestion is important for us to develop more activities for you and your child.      

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11. How to get the enrolment/application form?

Enrolment form / application form can be downloaded from our website or collect the form in person at the school reception during school hours.  

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12. How to become a volunteer in your school?

Please leave your message to us by email / in the contact box.  We will contact you in due course.  Your support is vital to our non-profit school. (Contact Us hyperlink)

13. How to become a teacher in your school?

Please send your CV to [email protected] and we will contact you in due course.

14. Do children have discounts when enrolling in the classes?

Tuition fee discount of 10% applies to second and subsequent siblings from the same family. This offer is for children language ordinary classes only.

15. When does your school open?

School opens on Saturday mornings (*online classes may vary) and our school terms run from September to June next year.  

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16. Do you have a refund policy?

No. The tuition fee you have paid is non-refundable nor transferable. It is clearly stated under the signature section on the enrolment form. Please read the terms carefully before signing the form.

17.  Do I need to pay the full tuition fee if my child joins the class late?

If your child joins the class in September or October, you need to pay the full tuition fee. If your child joins the class after October, you will need to pay for the adjusted tuition fee plus £10 of administration fee. For enquiry, please send your question to [email protected]

18. Are your classes suitable for different aged children?

We have classes (Cantonese/ Mandarin) in different levels from beginners to SQA examination classes. New student will have a quick assessment before allocating in the class.

19. Are the classes online or in person?

All classes are in person. If necessary, we will consider the online classes to suit the students’ need.

20. How to make a request to your school?

Please send your request/enquiry to [email protected] and our administrative volunteer will respond to you as soon as they can.

21. How to make donation to your school?

Thank you very much for your support. Please click the link below for information. We also organise school fundraising in the Lunar New Year’s celebration every year.

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22. When is your school hours on Saturdays?

School hours from 10 am to 12.30pm
Ordinary classes: 10 am – 11.30 am
SQA Exam Prep/ Exam Classes: 10:00am – 12 noon
Adult Classes: 10 am – 11:30am
After school club /Interest classes: 11.30 am – 12.30 pm