Latest Updates for classes in September

Dear Parents/ guardians/ students,

We are pleased to announce that the children’s classes will return to in-person lessons this year.

Our new venue will be at Norton Park Conference Centre, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QY and the new time will be in the afternoon,
12.30pm-2pm for language classes, 2.15pm-3.15pm for interest classes.

Interest classes will start on 24th September.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused due to the above amendment.

Please note the following information:

  1. The new venue is next to Hibs Stadium. The car park will be closed and very busy on the dates below.
    2022: 17 /9, 8 /10, 29/10
    2023: 14/1, 28/1, 25/2
  2. Do not attend the class if you feel unwell and inform the school by text or email.
  3. Bring your own water bottle and /or light healthy snack if required
  4. Speak to the class teacher at once if feeling unwell during school time
  5. Keep the room clean and tidy
  6. Due to limited space of the venue, parents/guardians cannot stay during school time
  7. Please drop off and pick up your child /children on time
  8. Contact school on 07862803623 if you have any questions about the venue.
  9. Your feedback or suggestion is most welcome
    Thank you very much for your support and co-operation.

Edinburgh Chinese School

本校很高興宣佈今年的兒童班將重回實體課。新的上課地址: Norton Park Conference Centre,57 Albion
Road, Edinburgh,  EH7 5QY。 開放時間下午12時30分至3時15分。
語言班 12.30 -2 pm , 興趣班 2.15-3.15pm
興趣班於9月2 4日开始。如以上更改造成不便,請原諒!


  1. 由於新上課地點鄰近 Hibs球場,以下日期停車場關閉,非常繁忙。


  1. 學生如感不適,請不要回校上課並以電話訊息或電郵通知本校。
  2. 自備水瓶或/和輕便健康小食。
  3. 如上課期間感不適,立即通知老師。
  4. 保持教室整潔。
  5. 由於場地有限,家長及監護人在上課時間內需離開。
  6. 請準時接送 貴子女。
  7. 如對新地點有疑問,請致電 07862803623 與本校聯絡。
  8. 歡迎您的反饋及意見。
    愛丁堡中文學校 謹啟

本校很高兴宣布今年的儿童班将重回实体课。新的上课地址: Norton Park Conference Centre,57 Albion Road,
Edinburgh, EH7 5QY。开放时间下午12时30分至3时15分。
语言班 12.30 -2 pm , 兴趣班 2.15-3.15pm
兴趣班于9月2 4日开始。如以上更改造成不便,请原谅!

  1. 由于新上课地点邻近 Hibs球场,以下日期停车场关闭,非常繁忙。
  2. 学生如感不适,请不要回校上课并以电话讯息或电邮通知本校。
  3. 自备水瓶或/和轻便健康小食。
  4. 如上课期间感不适,立即通知老师。
  5. 保持教室整洁。
  6. 由于场地有限,家长及监护人在上课时间内需离开。
  7. 请准时接送 贵子女。
  8. 如对新地点有疑问,请致电 07862803623 与本校联络。
  9. 欢迎您的反馈及意见。
    爱丁堡中文学校 谨启

School Closed on Saturday 3 March 2018

Dear parents and students, 
Due to adverse weather conditions, the decision has been made to close the Edinburgh Chinese School this Saturday 3 March 2018.
We apologise for the disruption to study this may cause. We do however have to put the safety of pupils, parents and our staff, first at all times.
Should you have any questions, please do reply to this email or contact the school at 07528 517635.
Keep safe and warm in the snow.
Dr. Phoebe (Jingyi) Li
Head teacher